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China’s Film Industry – a New Era


China’s Film Industry – a New EraChina's culture and entertainment industry has entered into an unprecedented "golden age". With box office revenue of RMB44 billion in 2015, China is the fastest growing film market in the world. By 2020, China's box office is expected to reach RMB200 billion and will exceed North America as the world's largest market in box office revenue and audience numbers.

Table of Contents

Trend One: From Bigger to Biggest

Trend Two: From "Made in China" to "Made for the World"

Trend Three: From "non-intelligent" to "Intelligent"

Trend Four: From "Highly Concentrated" to "Diversified"

Trend Five: From "Long Tail" to "Thick Tail"

Trend Six: From "single IP" to "IP franchises"

Trend Seven: From "non-Conforming" to "Standardization"


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